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The Best Wines to Pair with your Favourite Halloween Candy

The Best Wines to Pair with your Favourite Halloween Candy

Date: October 27th, 2016 Author: Giles Cadman Categories: Tasting Notes , Wine

If you’re old enough to drink wine, then you’re most certainly too old to trick-or-treat. However, being old enough to buy a full bag of your absolute favourite Halloween candy is a fair trade off, in my opinion.

Kick your Halloween favourites up a notch this year by pairing them with a delicious wine to match! Here are my top picks for a whole new kind of sugar rush.

1. SweeTarts + Riesling

SweeTarts are a classic Halloween candy and bring back some fantastic childhood memories. In the same way that Riesling is often paired with sour foods, such as Asian cuisine with vinegar-based sauces, Riesling is also a great match for sour candies like SweeTarts! A delicious Riesling can cut through the sourness and provide relief with its sweet acidity.

Recommended: Willi Haag, Juffer-Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese, Half Bottle, 2000

2. Hershey Milk Chocolates + Merlot

Dark chocolate and red wine have been a happily married couple for some time now. But a not-too-sweet milk chocolate with a Merlot is a must-try Halloween pairing! Merlot is soft and compliant, making it easier to pair than other reds. Merlot often carries notes of plum, making each bite of rich Hershey Milk Chocolate fruity and even sweeter. Sounds like a chocolatey, boozy heaven to me!

Recommended: Château Pontet-Canet, 2005

3. Candy Corn + Port 

Candy Corn is the ultimate sugar-filled candy of Halloween – some may even say it’s too sweet. Port is a wine that also boasts a high sugar content, making this pair a killer combo for those with a sweet tooth! Choose a Port with notes of berries and honey to add a bit of variety to this already-deadly mix.

Recommended: Taylor’s Vintage Port, 2007

4. Starbursts + Pinot Noir

Starbursts really do have something for everyone. They’re sweet, a little tangy, and come in a variety of crowd-pleasing flavours – that’s a lot for a wine to stand up to! Pinot Noir pairs deliciously with Starbursts, bringing out the berry flavours of the red kind, and does well not to over power the lemon ‘bursts! 

Recommended: Cooper Mountain Vineyards, Cooper Hill Pinot Noir, 2013

5. Twizzlers + Champagne

Take an actual “twist” on the classic pairing of strawberries and Champagne by trying Twizzlers licorice instead for a delicious sugar rush. For anyone who reads this blog regularly, you’ll know that I love my Champagne and this combination gets my approval.

Recommended: Champagne Franck Bonville, Blanc De Blancs, NV

See, you can never be too old for Halloween! Be sure to have a spooky weekend, complete with a few sugary treats and a perfectly-matched bottle of wine. Comment and let me know which pairing you’re trying this weekend. Cheers! 

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